Velvet After Dark



Velvet After Dark

Velvet After Dark are a DJ Collective, and co founders Els and SAZ host thier show here on Ujima 98fm. The show takes listeners on a late night journey, celebrating the diversity and unity of human kind. With identity and and belonging at the core of their philosophical and spiritual exploration they look at myths and stories, current inspirations from around the world and further ideas from the cosmos.


Their DJ sets are an exploration into rhythm and vibrations across the decades, as they seek to connect the mind and the body, bringing good vibes and fluid movement for all those ready to go deep on the dance floor.

Every 2nd Thursday at no. 51 Stokes Croft, Velvet After Dark play live with an eclectic selection of vinyl from around the world.


‘Velvet After Dark’ every Friday early hours (12-2am) on Ujima 98fm.




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