Coronavirus (COVID19) Survey

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Dear All,

As the nation works to deal with the effect of the Coronavirus, business communities across the city-region are already facing the consequences of the lock-down on the economy whilst trying to adapt to remote-working and social distancing measures.

Black and minority ethnic led businesses in Bristol are likely to be hit hardest due to the systemic disadvantage and discrimination that they already face. In these challenging times, we want to ensure that all business owners have equal opportunity to access the support that the government is providing to overcome this crisis.

This survey is your opportunity to communicate your personal challenges directly to local and national authorities and request for the support that you need.

BSWN is a member of the Economy Board, part of the Mayor’s One City Approach which is currently meeting weekly to assess and understand the impact of the current crisis on the city’s economy. As a member we’re keen to ensure the voices of BAME businesses are heard so that emerging support and information is efficiently targeted to reduce negative impact on businesses and community.



For up-to-date, accurate information please visit NHS or UK Government website



NHS website

UK Government website


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