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About the Show

New ideas from older people

Babbers is a collaboration between Bristol Ageing Better and Ujima Radio. Ujima began in 2008 with a mandate to celebrate African and Caribbean cultures through music and informative talk. Ujima is committed to promoting diversity. The Radio offers a platform where groups under-represented in the media can be heard; they recognise that older people are one such group.

The Babbers Show is produced and presented by and for older people. It is supported by Bristol Ageing Better, which aims to reduce isolation and loneliness amongst people in Bristol as they get older. The Show presents a positive image of ageing and challenges stereotypes. It provides a space where the voices of older people can be heard.

The show:

• features the experiences, opinions and expertise of inspiring, adventurous individuals

• explores key issues and exposes inequalities that affect us as we get older

• presents older people as a positive force and an asset to society

• provides relevant and important information about services, events and activities that are relevant to our listeners

AND . . . represents the views of Bristol’s elders.

Who are the Babbers?


All aspects of the Babbers show are led by older people living in Bristol. We are a team of volunteers who have been trained to research, present and produce our weekly show – some of us even control the mixing desk!

Babbers come from a variety of backgrounds with different interests and expertise. Most of us have never worked in radio before, some have disabilities, but we are all passionate about raising the profile of older people so that we are seen in a positive light. It is no coincidence that our theme tune is ‘Respect’.

All content in the show is chosen and delivered by us to inform and entertain. We create shows that we would like to listen to.


Volunteering with Babbers

There is so much to gain by volunteering with Babbers – new skills, a sense of achievement, and it’s great fun!

If you think you might be interested in joining the Babbers team, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to arrange an informal and friendly chat. (Please see contact details overleaf.)

If you decide you’d like to become involved we’ll match you with a buddy who will take you through all the aspects of presenting a radio programme. We’ll provide support and training to help you with your role.

How much time is involved will vary, but we do ask that you are prepared to commit to sharing responsibility for a show at least once every two months. You will also to come to planning meetings and training sessions.

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