The Chart Show

The Chart Show

The only radio show in Bristol that counts down the top ten biggest tracks exclusively by artists in Bristol and the Southwest, with some healthy competition to up-the-ante!

The official charts are compiled by songs sent in by musicians in the Southwest region. Whether Trap or Garage, singer or poet, the one thing that stays consistent is that they BANG!

The top ten spots in the charts are decided by you! The battle for the number one spot has seen many competitors, but the title for the longest-held number one position lays with Bristol artist Ace Brown, boasting eight consecutive weeks on top!

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The Southwest Charts Live

  • 1Mas - Call Mi
  • Bella Soul - Certified
  • Dan Elliot - If You Wanted Me To Stay
  • Enrge & Niko Blast - Rapid Up
  • KDOGG KT - Soon I'll Be Just Fine
  • Kilaze - King Jewelz
  • Lady Nade - Ain't One Thing
  • Luc2Much - Sink In
  • Norris B - That Girl
  • Sam Neal - Out Of My Heart
  • Tygz - Where Do I Start
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