Meet The Team


Meet The Team

Since long standing presenter Nia Davis stepped back from hosting the show in 2019, the show has been awaiting its new presenters. We are excited to announce that the baton has been handed over to presenters Stace & Daboothe, alongside producer Keziah Wenham-Kenyon! Committed to continuing the legacy of the show they promise to spotlight the wealth of independent talent in the Southwest, especially while there is a lack of representation of young talent in the region!

Presenter: Stacey Olika aka Stace

Is a multidisciplinary creative representing the culture. She currently works in production at the BBC and is the co-founder of No Boundaries, a platform showcasing talent outside of the mainstream creative scene. She recently co-curated No Boundaries Mix Series with Notion Magazine and is also the founder of multidisciplinary business, AmakaDesigns. An artist, speaker and a lover of what Bristol has to offer, Stacey now co-hosts the Chart Show at Ujima Radio.

“When people talk about the UK music/radio/creative scene they seem to forget about Bristol, we have so much talent to show and give. I’m here to represent and join you in counting down the top 10 tracks selected by you!”  @stxce.olika

Presenter: Marcus Boothe aka Daboothe

Is a key advocate for the Underground music scene. He is the co-founder of D&M (Daboothe & Max) a multimedia platform spotlighting up-and-coming artists combined with comedy, interviews & sketches. He’s currently at the early stages of setting up an internationally syndicated radio show that will provide a larger platform for rising talent. Born and raised in Bristol, his love for the local music scene was the catalyst for the journey into radio he now embarks on!

“The city is lacking a chart show and we plan to take it to the next level! Listeners will decide which tracks are going to make it into the charts. My job as the presenter is to assist delivering the vibe, message or the movement the artist is trying to push, and make sure nothing but pure heat is being channelled through the Ujima airwaves!”  @daboothiinator_


Producer: Keziah Wenham-Kenyon aka Kayze

After an early introduction to music, Keziah has been pursuing audio production with eagerness. Originally from South London, he has worked in the sound department for short films, co-created a platform to showcase upcoming artists, works as a freelance sound recordist & editor and produces his own music that is best described as contemporary beats. Now residing in Bristol, he works at Ujima Radio CIC, where he utilises his skills in audio production to create a refreshed sound for the station as well as empowering local people into the media industry.

“If you look in the right places and put your finger on the pulse of Bristols music scene comes through swingin. We’re here to carry on the legacy of the chart show and create a community that can support one another in times where it can be hard for independent artists to get a foot in the door.”  @kayze_uk


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